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About Olympian

Prime power or standby service, Olympian??gas and?diesel fuel generator sets deliver dependable, clean,?economical?power – even in the most demanding conditions.

Product Offerings

Olympian generator?sets are available in a wide range of configurations with optional equipment.?Product?offerings include:

  • Gas fueled generator sets?from?158 kW to 300 kW - North America
  • Diesel fueled generator sets from 100 kW to 550 kW –?Latin America
  • Aftermarket?parts and service?- Global

Why Olympian

The Olympian range of generator sets provides reliable energy solutions for every business, every need. The generator sets are designed, engineered and manufactured for optimal performance.?

These complete, ready-to-run packages?and?Olympian branded?aftermarket parts?come with the comprehensive service and support of Cat??dealers.



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Countries of Use:

  • Gas generator sets – North America
  • Diesel generator sets –?Latin America
  • Aftermarket parts – Global

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