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Caterpillar in Africa

Caterpillar has a long history in Africa.?Our?first product sale in the region, a Holt steam tractor,?occurred in 1903 in what is known today as Mature, Zimbabwe.?Our?first dealer was appointed in Tunisia?in?1926.?Together with our dealers,?we continue to support customers today in mining,?energy?and infrastructure.

Africa has been home to many of the fastest growing economies in the world – creating a need for new buildings, houses and roads, as well as access to abundant energy and clean water, houses and roads, as well as access to abundant energy and clean water.

At Caterpillar, we consider our customers’ success as our own.?With an?aftermarket?parts distribution center in Johannesburg, South Africa,?our district offices,?family of brands, and?independently owned?Cat? dealers provide customers?in Africa with localized, value-added solutions that help meet current and future needs.

A History in Africa

Cat products were present in many of the largest projects conducted throughout the?continent, including?building the Inga Dam,?widening?the Suez Canal?and?constructing?rail?lines through the middle of the Congo and?Nafud Desert.?


Holt 60 tractor pulling a Holt Combine Harvester in North Africa.



Caterpillar 2-ton tractor?pulling a plow in North Africa.



The first Caterpillar D4 tractor being unloaded at the port of La?Goulette?near Tunisia.



A Caterpillar D7 tractor with a?pipelayer?attachment in North Africa.



Cat D8?tractors and No. 80 scrapers were used?to?widen the?Suez Canal.?

Growing Talent

Skilled operators are a must for the healthy development of the construction industry in Africa. To address the massive infrastructure shortages in Africa, we need an educated local workforce to help answer the call for better roads and access to electricity; a workforce that can help meet the challenge of peaceful and?sustainable?development and contribute to?progress in the?region.

Investing in education is just as important as investing in infrastructure. Caterpillar?provides the?"Technicians for Africa,” an online learning platform?to provide?the basic technical skills required to pursue a career in machinery maintenance, operation or?another?role in the?construction?industry.?

Visit CaterpillarUniversity.com?

Growing Talent Growing Talent

Investing in Communities

The Caterpillar Foundation has invested more than $65 million since 2010 in Africa. These investments have benefited hundreds of thousands of people with access to education, clean water, sanitation and microfinance.


Caterpillar Foundation Caterpillar Foundation

Caterpillar in South Africa

Our locations in Africa include our Johannesburg, South Africa parts distribution facility.

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