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Caterpillar in Eurasia & Russia

In 1973 Caterpillar open our first office in Russia to support the growing number of Cat? machines in the region. Today, we have manufacturing, distribution and financial services and sales offices to support our local customers.??

Primary Locations

Parts Distribution:?Moscow


Key Industries?for Caterpillar within the region include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial and Marine Engines

Cat? Dealers

Your Cat dealer is committed to maximizing your success, helping you get the most out of your operations with site-level solutions, service and support. Dealers are available across Russia and Eurasia region including Mongolia. They operate from 150+ offices and service centers located in 12 countries of the Eurasia region.

Find a Local Dealer


Caterpillar Locations in Russia

Caterpillar Tosno Manufacturing Facility

Caterpillar has been operating a fully owned manufacturing facility in Tosno, near Saint Petersburg since March 2000. The Tosno plant is manufacturing two models of off-highway mining trucks, two models of excavators and components for machines and equipment, which are exported to our factories in Europe.

Caterpillar Distribution, LLC , Moscow  

Caterpillar Distribution, LLC was founded in 2007. The Caterpillar replacement parts distribution center, that was opened near Moscow, builds on our global distribution experience providing customized integrated solutions and outstanding service to our customers. The team focuses on speed, accuracy, quality and safety of orders processing.

Caterpillar Financial, LLC, Moscow

Cat Financials’ main mission is to help our customers succeed through ?nancial service excellence, offering ?nancing and leasing services, which are available mainly in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.