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PODCAST: From the Front Office to the Front Line: Safety Is No Accident



August 6, 2020

When he was?a teenager,?Justin Ganschow?worked?a variety of?farm jobs in rural Illinois. No matter the job,?the goal was simple: get the work done.?Doing it safely??Well, it was almost an afterthought.?Taking risks and shortcuts happened sometimes, because the work?had to get done.?Justin didn’t know it then, but those early experiences in the farm fields and barn yards would?converge with a career focused on safety in the workplace.??

As the Business Development Manager for?Caterpillar Safety Services, Justin will tell you that safety starts with understanding people.?Really?understanding people. It is a task made tougher during such uncertain and unprecedented times given the global?pandemic and its effect on home life and the workplace.?In this Beyond The Iron podcast, host Rusty Dunn talks with Justin about real-life safety issues and the struggle to overcome them with sustainable solutions.??

Program Guide (24:26 total run time)?
1:30 – In these uncertain times, safety is on everyone’s mind.?
4:30 –?On a mission to manage risky business.?
6:50 – 5% vs. 95%: the psychology of safety.?
10:25 – You expect me to do what??
12:30 – “He hardly ever misses!”?
15:25 – The pandemic changed everything.?
19:10 – The secret sauce.?
20:45 – When?your?personal mission becomes your professional one.?